Join our ALLY giving program and help create A Life Like Yours for everyone!

Make your impact today!

Join our ALLY giving program and help create A Life Like Yours for everyone! image

Make your impact today!

Calling All Arc of Augusta ALLYs!

The Arc of Augusta believes that everyone deserves to feel a sense of community and belonging. This is especially true for people with developmental disabilities, who often face additional barriers to participation in community life, such as; difficulty finding accessible places to go,or activities to do. They may also face discrimination and stigma from others. The Arc of Augusta truly believes that every individual deserves to have A Life Like Yours, meaning a life like any of us may have-with friends, loved ones, and belonging! You can help us do this by becoming an ALLY!

Jennifer is a young woman with developmental disabilities who lives with her parents. She has been more withdrawn and angry since graduating from school and not having daily access to her friends. She doesn't mean to yell at her parents but she gets tired of being at home all of the time. Jennifer's parents are older and unable to help with all of the community activities Jennifer would like to participate in. They are worried they will become unable to care for Jennifer and she will have nowhere to go. Jennifer doesn't understand why sometimes her parents cry.

The Arc provides a variety of programs and services to help people with disabilities and their families, people just like Jennifer. The Arc of Augusta offers social events, recreational activities, community engagement services and advocacy for accessibility, funding improvements and inclusion. Jennifer is able to participate in free monthly social events hosted by The Arc and her parents share their story and their fears with the local political candidates in a public candidate forum hosted by The Arc. They all breathe a little easier knowing there is some support in their lives.

Jennifer is just one example of the many people who rely on The Arc to help them feel like they belong in their communities. Without our support, people with developmental disabilities would have even fewer opportunities to participate in community life and build meaningful relationships.

Your monthly gift to The Arc will help us to continue providing essential programs and services to people with disabilities. With your support, we can create a more inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to belong.

Please Make a Monthly Gift Today and Become an Arc of Augusta ALLY!